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Finally an automatic form and of quick installation so that his shop presents the products that his visiting search! Try, delay 2 minutes!




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The recommendations are going to create automatically shop windows or lists of products based on the interests of the clients who are navagenado in the shop, are produced in the individual form, in other words, each client will be going to see a shop window different from another client, but there are the collective shop windows that are changing in accordance with the interest of the majority.

Exist still the shop windows with tendencies of products, which are also the best form of using the waves, be a different fashion, or a group of persons that appears.

The inteligências of the HintUP manage to capture the tendencies of the users, as well as what each client individualmennte likes, and so to show to them what they want, and so his shop manages to carry out more sales. The increase of tickets can reach 50 %.



Our smart search will add to the store, the customer`s ability to find products, even if they type the word incorrectly, or additional terms can be configured to the products, terms that do not exist in the product description or title, but used only in the region of every audience in your store.

The user can still search for the colors of the product, maybe a red suit or blue pants, or maybe a red hat.

In addition to bringing relevant products to users, our smart search can be configured with the particular characteristics of each store, the format that our smart search can be created, is limited to the imagination of its administrators, and can be created slides, list, shelves, only images with product names, etc.



Recommended emails are another very efficient way to continue interacting with your customers, even after your purchases, you will bring to the eyes of your customers, products based on their last purchase, or what is currently pumping in your store, or a super promotion.

Flexibility is also taken seriously here, it is possible to create emails with the most diverse configurations and behaviors. HintUP is prepared to work on any platform, and on any device, making your user`s mobile experience pleasant, we are able to work with your email marketing system.



Our PopTops (also known as: overlay, retention window or popup), make the retention of customers who are leaving your store, much more efficient, or even to help a customer decide to close the purchase, with a discount coupon . There are several types, and as we know that you customer may want something different, it is possible to create your own campaigns.

PopTops is the easiest and most flexible way to reconnect your customer with your store and increase your sales.

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Eu quero descobrir com os 21 dias grátis

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